Your sustainability consultants for strategy, management and reporting

Good that your company engages in sustainability. This is a solid base for a successful business development. We make concepts such as “Sustainability“, “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR), “Global Reporting Initiative” (GRI), “Corporate Citizenship”, “Stakeholder communication” and “Environmental Management” practical and applicable – always with a strategic perspective. Since 2004, STEINBACH STRATEGIEN consults companies on corporate responsibility and is today a well-established consultancy for sustainability management.

As a management consultancy, we provide support for the development of sustainability strategies, for reporting according to GRI and conceptualization of lighthouse projects. We help defining processes and structures for a company´s sustainability management and help implementing them.

Let´s go together on your path towards sustainability. We act as path finders, advisers, as pragmatic partners levelling the field for you. With hanseatic style and deep-rooted passion, we have helped clients from diverse industries in over 100 projects to navigate through the complex arena of sustainability. We will be happy to help you, too. Get in touch with us. We look forward to convincing you of our competency in a nonbinding introductory meeting.